You’re encouraged to provide feedback on these policies, either to the person/office listed on the policy or through our policy feedback form. Policies are typically posted here for 30 days before they are finalized and submitted for approval.

Title Number Responsible Office

Constituent Relationship Management

Maximizes compliance with legal expectations for communication, effectiveness of communications, and responsiveness to institutional objectives and constituent needs.

VPE-03 IU Communications

Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties

Establishes responsibility to take appropriate steps to reduce risk of sharing institutional information with third parties.

DM-02 Committee of Data Stewards

Marketing and Communication

Establishes provisions for all marketing and communication activities at Indiana University.

VPE-01 Vice President for Engagement

Payment Methods and Pay Advices

Establishes requirements for direct depositing of all payroll checks and additional provisions for employees who are unable to utilize direct deposit.

FIN-PAY-040 Financial Management Services

Payroll Compliance

Establishes requirement to comply with applicable payroll laws and regulations.

FIN-PAY-001 Financial Management Services

Payroll Overpayment Processing

Establishes guidelines to be followed by departments when processing overpayments made to employees.

FIN-PAY-050 Financial Management Services

Programs Involving Children

Establishes requirements for IU programs that involve children and for external organizations using IU facilities for programs that involve children. State law requirements for reporting suspected child abuse apply to everyone.

PS-01 Office of Public Safety & Institutional Assurance

Recording and Reviewing Time Worked by Non-Exempt Employees

Establishes timekeeping requirements to account for non-exempt employee hours worked, benefit hours, and absent hours.

FIN-PAY-020 Financial Management Services

Release of Payroll Information and Employment Verifications

Establishes guidelines for releasing information contained in payroll files to the public and to university officials.

FIN-PAY-060 Financial Management Services

Segregation of Duties for Payroll Processing

Establishes a segregation of payroll duties to minimize the occurrence of fraud due to processing, auditing, or verifying payroll.

FIN-PAY-010 Financial Management Services

Service of Alcohol

Establishes guidelines for serving alcoholic beverages on university property and/or in conjunction with university functions.

FIN-INS-10 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Sexual Misconduct

Defines the university's policy against sexual misconduct among members of its community, including specific provisions and enforcement principles.

UA-03 IU Office of Student Welfare and Title IX

Timing of Payments and Off-Cycle Payroll

Establishes responsibility for developing payroll schedules, including pay days.

FIN-PAY-030 Financial Management Services

Web Site, Web Application, and Web Services Privacy Notices

Establishes requirements related to privacy practices and notices for content owners and site managers of university web sites and applications.

ISPP-24 University Information Policy Office (UIPO)
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